English Dairy

Everything slipped my mind….

Hi! Yesterday what I was afraid has happened… I overlooked to write my dairy here! XD Teah,,, as I was saying , I’m so forgettable and averse to doing anything… Then I don’t re [...]

2017年3月30日 // 0 Comments

Volunteer in Malawi 1st day “Departure”

Hello! Let me write about my big adventure! I was working as a volunteer in Malawi. Exactly where I worked was a big school in the small village. Not until I came here, I witness a lot of new things!  [...]

2017年3月28日 // 0 Comments

I obtained a new table !

Hi, it’s 2nd day since I begun writing English blog 🙂 Not until I started it, I notice the importance of continuing something. And also I realized what’s difficult to do it. Good of me. La [...]

2017年3月27日 // 0 Comments

Let my curiosity start moving today :)

26/03/2017 Hi, actually I forgot to introduce myself in English,  even though I was writing this blog for more than two years!  Let me say Hello again! My name is HODAKA from Japan. 🙂 What I’m d [...]

2017年3月26日 // 0 Comments