Nara City Sightseesing Guide (JAPAN)

From 710 to 784 the capital of Japan, Heijokyo(平城京), was located in present day Nara City. As is shown by the number of extant historical Buddhist images and buildings around Nara City,  Japanese culture flourished here under the region of successive emperors and empresses during that era. Several historical sites have been registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List as “Historical Monuments of Ancient Nara”. Undoubtedly Nara is a treasure house of ancient history and culture set in a beautiful natural environment. Todaiji Temple(東大寺) World Heritage Site This temple is famous for the massive Vairocana statue, which is popularly known as Daibutsu(Great Buddha). Founded in the 8th century, the Daibutsuden Hall which houses the statue, was burned down twice in fires that broke out as a result of war. The present structure, which was rebuilt in 1709, as scaled down to two-thirds of the original size. Nevertheless it is the largest […]