I made a Christmas world with Origami. It’s so cute!

Good afternoon! It’s Christmas today in Poland! For people in Poland, Christmas means a lot to them. They have a custom to spend time with their family. So every stores are really closed during this. I was off to the Christmas markets, but they were also closed.XD   Then, I wanna show you one of my cuteness ! I made a Christmas world with Origami. 🙂 Actually I am considered I’m great at Origami by Polish friends.   These below are what I created in the past….. Squirrel(Polish:wiewiórka) Peacock (Polish:paw) Dragon (Polish:smok) That’s what I’ve done! Everything above is for Polish friends. They are happy when I give it to them. One more thing, in fact , I have a experience I became a Origami teacher in Poland. Then, this time is …. Christmas tree, reindeer , Santa Claus! XD Then this is what I combine them and made. Tada~~! Quite […]


Let me tell you a story I awfully failed to make Natto!

Hello! Last time I wrote about making KIMUCHI! Then I challenged to make Natto this time! You’ll see how it was .XD Making Natto!   necessarily ingredients  Beans Natto Only two of them!! In short, how to make is …. pickle some beans in the water. boil some beans combine beans with Natto. leave it alone in the warm place. Done! You know By the look of it, there is no chance to mess up! haha Just read this up to the end of the article to see how I failed. Let’s Try! Firstly, you can put some beans in the container to pickle .Pour some water so that beans can absorb it. Time you need to wait depends on the temperature . Winter: 24h Spring: Autumn: 15h Summer: 6h It’s winter now. So I was waiting for 24 hours.  Whao! Bean got bigger by the water !  A bean […]


News in Poland ,Nov 4th week in 2016 “Jewish”,”troop”,”Video game”

  A man who baked a Jewish portrait was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment 21/11/2016 Piotr R. (name withheld under Polish privacy laws) was found guilty of inciting hatred on grounds of ethnicity by burning an effigy symbolising a Jew at the market square in the city of Wrocław during an anti-immigration rally last year. Judge Marek Górny said that: “The ruling is harsh, because it was an act of serious social harm […] The penalty must be proportionate to the action”. Following the incident in November last year, when a group of nationalists burnt the effigy of a Hasidic Jew dressed in traditional clothing, peot (side curls) and cap, chief Rabbi in Poland, Michael Schudrich, told the Jerusalem Post that: “Hatred for migrants comes from the same place as the classic hatred for Jews.” 記事元→http://www.thenews.pl/1/9/Artykul/280972,Man-who-burnt-Jewish-effigy-handed-10month-sentence NATO commences military training in Poland 21/11/2016 NATO’s Multinational Corps Northeast on Monday starts military […]