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Cheapest ways to stay in Tokyo

How to stay cheaply in Tokyo
Hello, This article is all bout how to stay cheaply in Tokyo.


Since I’m living in Nagoya, I hardly go to Tokyo. But sometimes I go there for work and so on. Then one problem  will comes up. If I had some cozy friends in Tokyo, I wouldn’t worry about where to stay. But actually I don’t . although there is a choice to stay in the station, it makes me difficult…
I found out comfortable plans recently ! Let me introduce it to everybody.


  • enable to lie down
  • much cheaper
  • enable to connect Internet
  • near by station
  • some power outlets

The place which is suitable for conditions above is ….

In daytime



To be honest, Starbucks must be good place to stay throughout daytime. All of their shop provide free wi-fi which everyone can use. But in term of power outlets, not all shops have it.

(location where have some power outlets and near Shinjuku station)

  • 新宿新南口店(7:00~23:00)
  • 新宿南口店(月火水木金 7:00~21:00, 土7:30~21:00, 日祝7:30~20:30)
  • 新宿ダイアンビル店(7:00~23:00)
  • 新宿マルイ本館2階店(7:00~23:00)
  • 新宿サブナード店(7:00~22:00)
  • 西武新宿PePe店(7:00~23:00)
  • 西新宿三井ビル店(月火水木金 7:30~20:00, 土7:30~20:00, 日祝 定休日)
  • 新宿グリーンタワービル店(月火水木金 7:00~20:00, 土7:30~19:30, 日祝 定休日)
  • ルミネ新宿店(11:00~23:00)
  • 新宿西口店(7:00~23:00)
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You can kill time at Starbucks during daytime. With power outlets and Wi-fi, there is no problem


The problem is night


Where should I stay at night in Tokyo??!!

The answer is

カラNET24新宿三丁目店(Kara Net24 Shinjuku 3cho-me)

Yes, it’s obviously the Internet cafe. Despite in Tokyo, the price is unusual cheap.
I was so surprised . Here is so cheap hotel. How cheap this hotel is!!!!


¥850 for 8 hours(except weekend). It’s miraculous price, isn’t it? Saturday and Sunday should be ¥1050.

Not to mention, it is opened 24/7


↑Outlook is like this.


※If you free-register on mobile phone, you can get 5% discount ! You better do this!

This place is near Shinjuku station.

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For a person, I think it’s large enough to stay for some nights. Besides you can drink juice as much as you want.haha

Let’s try this!

Anyway, the best way to stay is having a kind friend.haha

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