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Nicaragua information

▼ Managua, the capital of Nicaragua
▼ International Airport of Nicaragua
▼ How to get to Nicaragua
▼ Language of Nicaragua ?? Spanish
▼ English ?? There are not many people who speak English, but luxury hotels
▼ Currency rate of Nicaragua Nicaraguan Cordoba = 3.96921 Japanese yen

▼ Prices of Nicaragua High-class restaurants that are easy to use overall) About 500 yen Bus fare (2 hours each way) About 230 yen Used house 1 400,000 yen ~ 600,000 yen (with land)
▼ Cheap Hotel in Nicaragua From 100 to 250 Cordoba.
▼ It is better not to drink water from Nicaragua from the safety aspect. Also be careful with ice.
▼ Nicaragua chip basic not required. Chip with a feeling.
▼ Nicaragua’s security except the capital city is surprisingly peaceful 68th / 163 countries
▼ Earth Happiness of Nicaragua
▼ Visa for Nicaragua Visa is unnecessary for sightseeing within 90 days. ESTA acquisition required
▼ Voltage outlet of Nicaragua? 110 / 120V at Type A
▼ SIM free of Nicaragua
▼ Located in Wifi? Hotels in Nicaragua
▼ Nicaragua’s clothing
▼ Domestic movement
▼ International driver’s license
▼ The average temperature of Nicaragua 32 degrees / 22 degrees
▼ Nicaragua season
▼ Time difference in Nicaragua – 15 hours
▼ Illness of Nicaragua Because it is on the mountain, rarely light mountain sickness
▼ Credit card
▼ Small neta Malaria dengue of Nicaragua


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