Penang is the place which I do recommend you go!



What’s Penang

Penang is used to be called “Oriental Pearl” , and place that is bloomed as trade with England. A lot of exotic place is remaining here. Not to mention, beautiful beach is also remaining.


Penang is a bit of south from Lankawi island which I told you last time. Penang connects to main island of Malaysia with long Bridge.It’s quite long!



★Ferry・・・ If you go to Penang from Langkawi, just have a look at this article.

Bus, auto・・・It’s around six hours driving from KL  which is the capital.



According to the web site, by the look of it, it’s clean in the bus terminal. But actually it’s so filthy… When you buy tickets, you don’t need to go to ticket shop. Because likely Lankawi, you will absolutely asked by somebody who belongs to bus company. If that helps, they call Penang “Pinan”. So you just keep saying “Pinan! Pinan! Pinan!” then they take you into the bus. 🙂  You are free to choose a sear that you wanna sit. The thing I suggest is you better wear long shirt. Because outside is unusual hot but inside of bus is unusual cold. They use too much air conditioner. I almost got cold and stomach ache.

意外と満席になります どこ製のバスだよ!ってツッコミたくなります

The average price to go to Penang is RM30~35。Nevertheless I paid RM40….. They forced me to buy expensive one? it’s  OK. haha.  There is possibility to scum . So if it’s more expensive than average, you will have to change the bus. Since there will be a whole bunch of buses, you don’t need to worry about that.

It will take about 6 hours to go up to Penang, and bus will stop over in Ippo which is a one of big cities in Malaysia.

After getting to Penang

In case of bus, it doesn’t take you to the town…. You will be bought just at the end of the bridge. 🙂 This is beyond a joke..


ペナン バスターミナル

So you will pay more for transportation. The tax is more convenient and cheap way for you.  RM40 will be necessary …

What to do in PENANG

The same as usual, I was riding the motor cycle in Penang as well. It costs RM35 for a day. (MT is kinda more expensive) Come to think of it, you need to wear a helmet properly. Drivers in Penang are awesome at driving. But sometimes they can be road hog . I felt like the cityscape here looks like Europe so you will be content with it!

コーンウォリス要塞 ペナンの市場 海を独占 スターバックス おしゃれな街並み ペナンはこんな感じ IMAG0689 IMAG0690 IMAG0691 なんか新鮮

This is the bike that I used. 25km/L! it’s good for mu wallet!

ペナンのレンタルバイク ペナンのレンタルバイク

Guest House

Not to mention, many cheap hostels can be found here. One thing you  have to be careful is that town in Penang has a lot of narrow pathways. It will make confused even tax drivers. In my case, it did. So when you get out of your hostel, do something like taking a picture to mark the place.

ペナン ホテル


As I wrote this How to connect the Internet in KLIA, Malaysia. , Penang is also heave of wifi! Basically, you can use Wi-fi at any shop.



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