What if you have loss on stock ? (Investment)


Hello, I have two different faces , one is traveler the other one is investor.

Then I think that everyone who tried stock might have experience with this situation, which is that you have loss on stock. In case of like this , it’s hard to keep your mind positive.

At first I was so nerves and my heart was strongly pounding. For rich investors may not care about that, but for newbie investor like me ,it’s so bad for my heart… For many people , investment is sub-business I think. Nevertheless , if it disturb your main business, it doesn’t make any sense. So I’m gonna share my way to keep a mental with you!

1.Stop checking a price of stock each time.

I’d say this is quite important. More loss you have, more time you check up your price of stock , right? Not to worry , everybody does. It’s no surprise to me. Since you have loss, what’s important is to not check it!.I can relate to your feeling. But your attention never affect stock one bit. Also watching it never show me the timing to finish.  And Paying more attention to NEWS about industry and so on is meaningless and fruitless as well. That will make your mind confused.

2.Finish even small profit soon.

In case of stock investment, you may have several positions. So do I, I have more than 10 positions.  Some of them have loss, some of them have profit I think.Then sometimes one of loss stock you hold turn into profit.Don’t miss a boat! Now it’s time to finish. If I were you, I finish that one and get some profit. You know it’s better than loss. Then that will give you the fact you won. It absolutely gives you confidence!  You should obtain experience and confidence.


In order to keep your mind normal on stock, stop Stop checking a price of stock each time and Finishing even small profit soon are important.

I hope you get profit on stock


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