[英語プレゼン]Mission and Vision Presentation


大学で初めて英語でプレゼンしてきました。僕にふさわしい「Mission and Vision」というテーマだったので長々と語ってしまいました笑


◯Concept コンセプト

First of all, allow me to explain about the concept of mission and vision. As you know , this can be used in the business field as “Mission statement and Vision statement”.So let’s take a look at vision first.  Vision describes ・what you want to achieve in the future. Where do you want to be?  It means Vision is the goal which is so far away. Sometimes it can be unreachable and unclear. One thing which I wanna emphasize is that Vision should not change many time. It should be something that remains inside your heart.  I don’t explain about it so much cuz I like to make everything simple. Don’t worry, I’m gonna show you some example afterwards. For now vision is like this.

And Mission is WHAT you want now to achieve your goal. HOW you achieve your goal. Briefly speaking, mission is small goal to achieve your Vision. To get closer you future goal. I don’t want you to consider it so seriously.






◯Example 企業での例


Let’s take a look at one example for mission and vision.  This is the Vision and Mission of Microsoft.

Their vision is ……. . As you can see, It sounds impossible cuz they are saying “eventually every home”. But It’s okay as vision. Impressive.

And then their Mission is ……… This sounds realistic. This is actually what they are doing now. They are trying to achieve the mission in order to get closer to their vision.


So here I mentioned about Vision and Mission in the business world. But Vision and mission can be used not only in the business field but also your life. Especially when you want to get a decent job and when you are pursuing your specific way. In that case, setting you mission and vision is gonna be essential.

◯Example in personal life 個人のライフでの例

From my experience, having mission and vision is so important. Not too much to say that  I’m living by just Vision until now.


Ok here is example. so please just imagine. If you want to get a job position in Toyota. As you know, Toyota is the world largest car company. So of course it hard to get a job there. I’m not sure about Europe but In Japan you need to set many Mission in order to get a job in Toyota. Here I just put 3 main missions.




◯ academic back ground 学歴の話

Speaking of the academic back ground, if you want to get a good job in Japan, academic background is quite necessary. Even if you are good at expressing yourself and have a good personally. Japanese companies are focusing on just a paper. Nowadays some companies are not like this. But big companies are still like this.

So as a first step, you need to go to the famous Uvi. And you might need to set your mission cuz you might have some problem that time. I’m not sure about your countries. But In Japan, It’s not so easy to choose the Uni and go there. There are a lot of reason. Partly because going to Japanese uni is expensive. Usually it costs about 10000 Euro per year. Most of students are getting financial support by parents. But some students are earning money for it by myself. This is just one side of the coin. most likely when you choose the uni , you will be conflicted about people around you. Because In Japan many people don’t decide your way on your own. Basically what I’m hearing about europe is that they decide their way by themselves. But many of Japanese don’t .You know … Japanese people are group-conscious. For example if I have a group of 10 people. They are all my friends. And 9 of them are going to this uni. Then I want to go to this uni as well. I don’t feel so. Because I’m an exception I’m not just any Japanese. That’s why I’m in Lithuania lol..Anyway this is a tendency of Japanese people. They are afraid of doing something different from others. This is the problem. Because of this, many people are conflicted. In that case, without Mission and Vision, your mind will sway. I ignored my friends and I chose my way. Because that time I knew my vision and mission.

What I wanna emphasize here is Even when you choose the University, you should set you mission and vision. Otherwise you are just wasting your time. As I said before, many Japanese people tend to follow the others. Some of my friends said that their waste time because they went to Uni for no (particular) reason.

日本で良い企業に行きたいなら学歴が超必要になってきます。もしあなたが自分を表現するのが上手で、いい性格だったとしても日本の会社は学歴しか見ていません。They are blind to it. なので、まずはいい大学に行くことが必要になりますが、その時にも様々な問題がでてくるのでyou will encounter many problem それに応じてミッションを設定する必要があります。 まず、良い学歴のためにいい大学に行かなければなりませんが、その時に葛藤があると思います。ヨーロッパの人は自分の道を自分で決めているみたいですが、日本の場合は違います。日本人は集団意識が強いので自分が行きたい道があっても行けない場合が多いです。簡単に言うと、自分の意志を表現するのが恐いからです。友達を失いたくないから。例えば、10人の友達のグループがいて、9人はこの大学に行くとしたら残りの一人も同じ大学に行きます。これは日本ではよくあることです。本当はこっちの道に行きたいのにみんながいるから葛藤してしまいます。この時にヴィジョンとミッションがないと揺れてしまいます。ちなみに僕は学校を選ぶために少し葛藤しましたが、僕は自分の行きたい道を選びました。僕はいい大学に行こうとして失敗したのでその時に興味のあった自然環境を学ぶために専門学校に行きました。For your information, I’m an exception I’m not just any Japanese. That’s why I’m in Lithuania lol. または友達だけじゃなくて、家族ともぶつかるかもしれません。多くの親は子供に良い大学に行かせたがります。子供をコントロールしようとします。でも子供にも自分でやりたいことがあるので、


ここで僕が言いたいのはEven when you choose the University , you should set you mission and vision. Otherwise you are just wasting your time. 僕の友達で大学に行った子の多くは後悔をしています。なぜならさっき行ったように彼らは自分の意志じゃなくてただ友達と同じ大学に行きたいから行っただけ。特に理由もなく。

◯Work experiences 経験の話

In order to get a good position, you need to have a variety of experiences. As I remember, European people change the job many times to get a lot experiences. But Japanese is totally different. If you want to get a good position in the company, you need to keep working at the same company for several years. Because Japan has a special system which is called “seniority system”. It means if you work longer , you can get paid more basically regardless of your skill. I think this is because of Japanese culture. In Japan young people must respect elder people. I don’t know why. But this is Japan. Of couse if you want you can change the job to get more experiences.But it’s not gonna be good. Because if you change the job many times, you’ll be considered as a person who doesn’t have patience. As I said before , In japan the paper is first priority. You need to write all your background on it. Then if you have a lot of job experiences, most likely interviewer will ask you why you changed job many times. In that case If you have clear mission and vision and convince them it’s okay. But in most case it’s gonna be negative. Because you know, most reason why people quit job is “just too hard, cheap wage , boring stuff like this ”. in order to make a difference from them, you need to have your Mission and vision and take an action.



To be honest, in order to get a position in Toyota. Maybe you do not need any skill. Because as I mentioned In japan What’s important is academic background and to keep working at the same workplace. But for example in the different industry like a hairdresser. I you want to be a hairdresser in Japan, first of all you need to go to the specific school to get a lisence. Speaking of hairdresser, being a professional hairdresser in Japan is so harsh. Even thought they have got the lisense as hairdresser, they can not cut the hair first a couple of years in the hair salon. First a couple of years they are just assist or take care of the reception catch call, even thought they have a license.

Not too much to say that many young hairdressers quit job before they start cutting the real hair.I think this happens because of without clear vision. One of my friend wanted to be hairdresser . She went to school and obtained a license and got a job in a salon. But 6 month later she quit her job because of this reason. This story tells importance of the mission and vision.



For example , beginners of hairdresser in Japan is so harsh .Even thought they have the qualification as hairdresser, they can not cut the hair first a couple of years.Not too much to say that many hairdressers quit job before they cut the hair because of without clear vision. One of my friend wanted to be hairdresser . She went to school and obtained a license and got a job in a salon. But 6 month later she quit her job because of this reason.  Now she has a part time job in the café. Even thought she went school and got lisence.

◯Setting Mission and Vision helps you to …. 人生でミッションをビジョンについて言いたいことは

僕が声を大にして言いたいことは、ミッションとビジョンをセットすることで人生ではこのようなメリットがあります! 僕の経験から言うとね。

So In your life, setting Mission and Vision helps you to do things like these.  This is from my experience.


◯My work experience 僕の仕事の話

Speaking of endure the hard situation. Let me talk about when I was working so hard. About 5 years ago, before publishing my company, I was working in the normal company as a salesperson. I’m gonna show you how hard I was working. So this is my time table back then. How do you think about it?. This is not extreme. Actual one. Monday, I wake up at 6 and I have to be in the office at 7am. I have meeting for 2

 Hours after that, I start working. What I was doing there is direct-sales so-to-speak. I was selling something sweet such as cakes candies Japanese wagashi and so on. For example everyday I go to a certain city and get off the car and visit house and office one by one. Like I knock the door and talk with people kinda negotiate. “Hi I’m a moving sweet shop, would you like it?” some people are willing to buy it. But you know most people don’t buy it. Sometimes people got upset at me like “why did you come again!!?  Stay away get away!” You know at the beginning it was harsh. Because at first I didn’t know how to sell it. I was straggling. But I didn’t give up coz I had my mission and vision. The reason why I was working there is that I wanted , I was dying , I was desperate to learn how to sell how to promote how to negotiate  in order to publish my company. Even tho it was harsh, I made an effort and at the end of the first year I ended up being top-sales person. I got paid much more and I was able to make my team. Also at the second year, I was working there but the end of the 2nd year I quit. Because I realized that I learnt everything I need. I realized the limit. If I continue this job, maybe I could not learn anything. I noticed that. In other word, because I got closer to my Vision. For two years I was just pursuing my goal day after day.

Here what I want to emphasize is with mission and vision, you can overcome the hard time and you can change the mission flexibly depending on your progress. Because progress means you change the view from current position. I think it’s like climbing the mountain. At the beginning you can’t see everything because you are still underneath the trees. In the forest. But if you go forwards and got higher point, you can see more thihgs. Your view is gonne be wider that before. Because you got to know more thing during your growth. You might achieve some mission so mission can be changed.

 僕は自分の会社を設立する前は、セールスマンとして働いていました。僕の会社はダイレクトセールスの会社で僕はセールスマンとして物を売っていました。ちょっとみんなにどれだけ厳しかったか見せたいね。これが僕が働いてた時の一日の流れ! How do you think about it. This is not extreme. 朝6時に起きて、7時には会社にいなければならない。そしてミーティングをして9時から深夜まで仕事をしていました。僕がやっていたことはダイレクトセールス so-to-speak。例えば毎日車である市に行って、車から降りて一軒一軒周っていくの。 ドアをノックして人と話して買いませんか?って聞くの。 何人かは喜んで買うけど、ほとんどの人は買わないし、時には「なんで又来たんだよ!」って起こる人もいる。もちろん初めの方は全く売れないから本当に大変だった。めっちゃ苦労した。でも僕はやめなかった僕がこの会社に入った理由は自分の会社を持つためにモノの売り方とか交渉の仕方を勉強したかったから。めっちゃ努力して1年目の最後にはtop salesperspnになったね。お金をたくさんもらえたし、自分のチームを作って自分のやり方を教えていった。2年目も僕はトップセールスマンとして働いていたけど、2年目の最後にやめたね。もうこれ以上ここの会社で成長できないと思ったから。もしここでずっと働いてももう学ぶことはない。限界を感じたから。言い方を変えれば、自分がビジョンに近づいたから。 ここで僕が言いたいことは、もちろんビジョンとミッションがあれば辛い時を乗り越えれる、あと、自分の成長によってミッションはフレキシブルに変わるということ。だって、成長するってことは見える景色が変わるってことでしょ。なんか山に登る時のようにね。登り始めの時は全部は見えない。だって君はまだ森の中にいるんだよ。でも成長したあと、つまり、山を登って行くに連れて多くのことが見えるようになってくる。そうすればもちろん自分のミッションも変わってくる。すでのいくつかのミッションをクリアするかもしれない。だからミッションは変わってもいい。

◯Facebook has changed their Mission フェイスブックは変えてきた

Here is good example. Actually facebook has changed their mission recently. Their mission used to be ……

But now it’s ……… .



So finally as my conclusion . I has changed my mission so many times before. But my vision has never changed.  I know it’s kinda impossible but I’m pursuing my vision for some reason.Vision is something like that. This is my current mission. Another thing I want to tell you is you don’t have to have mission and vision if you don’t need. It’s okay . I don’t criticize you if you don’t have it. because I know there are some people who don’t have mission and vision. So It’s okay. But If you have a big goal and want to achieve it in the future. I strongly recommend you to set your mission and vision.


Thank you!