Just 2 days to make the most of the places you must see in London!!

(This original article was written in 2016)

Hello! I went to London on weekend and made the most of it! My sister was living there and she guided me. Here I’ll give you how to look around London within 2 days! 

London 1 day


The place I stayed this time was near “Earl’s court station”. It had good access to everywhere such as Victoria station , Airport and so on! In addition, the cost of the hostel was cheap despite central London.


First up, we went to “Westminster station” to see BIG BEN! Btw, you should have an Oyster card in London so that you can economize the expense for transportation.  Like even if you take Metro many times , all you have to pay is about 8 pounds per a day at maximum. 

 [mappress mapid=”57″]DSC07996

Because it was weekend, many people were there. I heard not only English but diverse languages.


London eye! I was the biggest one in the world. Now that it is not tho….

このおっちゃんがロンドンで一番おもろかったww He was attempting to give me momey for some reasons. so funny.

This guy attempted to give me 40 pounds for some reason!! haha  I wish I could get it.  He was really suspicious tho.

DSC08014A part of BIG BENここの赤電話ボックスが一番

You might see a lot of red phone boxes around there. But my guess is that this one is the best spot for picture with BIG BEN!


We were lucky enough because we could see a parade that doesn’t take place very often.

[mappress mapid=”58″] DSC08094

Buckingham Palace


We saw the soldiers marching.  It takes place twice a day. Worth watching. 🙂 DSC08106

oh, so majestic


This soldier keeps standing perpetually. You should take a picture out of gratitude. 

DSC08159Next, we went to National Gallery, London. When I was there, there were huge fingers!


[mappress mapid=”59″]DSC08169

Trafalgar Square. I was told that I’m allowed to sit there. So I took a photo with this lion. haha 
DSC08186In the square , there were a lot people who are floating in the air. You can take pictures for free.DSC08190His name slipped my mind…. hahaDSC08210Santa Claus is also floating. 
Touristic trap.Touristic trap. At first he said he gives me miçanga for free. But when he finishes making, he will charge money. Be careful! DSC08231Vincent Willem van Gogh. Real one! In fact, you can touch this original image. Of course don’t do that! Btw, wifi here is available! You might wanna take a break when you are tired.DSC08291

Next, we came to British Museum , near Holborn station

British Museum 大英博物館!!!!!!!!many people!DSC08305

Its design is quite fancy. Astonishingly, this museum is for free! You can see as many things as you want! 🙂

モアイHello, MoaiDSC08317Rosetta Stone


Is it like a fish that has human face?? 

DSC08345Museum is so huge.
DSC08351Even this guy can be picturesque.DSC08360History of the coins. Coinage.DSC08371mummy
JAPANI reacted wow! There is Japanese exhibition!
DSC08402Africa zoneDSC08412After British Museum, we came to the restaurant which is famous as fish&chips DSC08416

The taste is not quite good. Price was expensive…  One was enough for two people.


We came to King’s Cross station! As you might have expected, the reason for here is …..

DSC08429Yes!Harry Potter! Platform 9¾!

The best memory in London is this one. 並んでやっと撮れた。バリジャンプしたった

This one is perfect. Best not to ask anything. haha  Btw, you can borrow this muffler for free.

All the floors smelled chocolate.M&M WORLD! Near Piccadilly Circus Station

DSC08518Union Jack
Made of M&M. Well done!Wow, this Union Jack is made of chocolate!P1430476Photo with this characters!P1430487We went to China town as well! Near Piccadilly Circus Station


London 2 day


We went to Madame Tussauds first! This is Madame Tussauds which is famous place. But I didn’t go inside this time.P1430533

Baker Street tube station.You can see the statue of Sherlock Holmes.



P1430566Then we came to Greenwich station. This is National Maritime Museum. You can visit here for free and see things related to marine.P1430599

Then we came to Royal Observatory, Greenwich. You must book this place to go inside.


I made a reservation beforehand! They let me use an audio guide. it didn’t have Japanese one, so I listen to it in English.日本は明石市this is prime meridian!逆立ちする奴はいない。 My right hand belongs west hemisphere, while left belongs east hemisphere.Crazy Japanese guy… hahaP1430816Let’s go inside!P1430832There is a lot of priceless things.P1430860Souvenir shop!
DSC08702The view from the top of the hill. Cool!at London BridgeTower Bridge
DSC08786Tower Bridge 2 


How was it? We devoted 2 days to London and visited many places! A friend of mine said he took a bus tour and couldn’t see very much. So walking is better way to see London. As I explained here, some place require reservation. Make sure to book before you visit. 🙂 Btw, the climate in London is so quick-changing. Like the weather is changing every 5 minutes.  However I didn’t get wet by rain! Lucky! haha

Good luck for your trip!



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