Solution in case of the stop of FFFTP


Hello! I think most of people here saw this screen.


It’s true , right? Me too. I also saw this screen when I was using FFFTP to move my website into the other server. I tried to upload all data a whole night and end up with finishing all of them, But it has stopped and prevented me from uploading… It takes long time again!

So I google it and show you how I solved this out.


① Select [ホスト一覧]→[設定変更]→[暗号化]Tab

You can only check on 「暗号なしで接続を許可」. The other lists don’t have any marks.


② Select [高度]tab. And remove the check of 「可能であればMLSDコマンドで一覧を取得」.There is only one mark on 「LISTコマンドでファイル一覧を取得」.

fff koudo

This process resulted preventing me from stopping. It worked!

It was okay with more than 10000 files at once.


For more information.

The way to speed up sending data

I think you might know this way. FFFTP can increase its connection up to 4.


Please try this out!


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