Living cost in Malawi 2017


Hi, I’m back from Malawi! Let me show you their real living cost.

FYI, the place I visited is Malawi, Zomba. It was countryside.


They are using MWK (Malawi Kwacha)

Coins exist, but they are not common at all.

Investigation in the Market!

a whole pineapple 200~300MWK

Soap for body 200MWK (33円)
Orange juice(add 5 times water) 2L 1700MWK (280円)
5 big onions 200MWK (33円)
5 normal onions 100WMK(16円)
Ice candy 350MWK (60円)Rice 2 big cup 300MWK
Chips (flied potato) 400MWK
Internet SIM card 1GB 2000MWK
Chili (spicy vegetable) 100MWK
A bottle of Coca Cola  300MWK
NJINGA(Bike tax) 5km 500MWK
A egg 90MWK
Stay at the lodge for a night 5000MWKSolt 250g 100MWK
Cooking oil 200ml 300MWK
Toilet paper 10 rolls 1200MWK
Pasta 400g 380MWK
Ice candy 350MWK
Mini-bus Zomba-Songani 200MWK
MIni-bus Songani-Liwonde 900MWK
Biscuit 165~360MWK
Noodle 110MWK
4 small tomato 100MWK
4 big tomato 200MWK
5 egg plants 100MWK
4 Pepper 100MWK
Play card  150MWK
5 meat balls  600MWK
8 sausage  1500MWK
Internet cafe 1 minute      20~25MWK
Internet cafe 1 hour 1200~1500MWK
suspicious art 3000MWK→1500MWK
Beer 600MWK
Curry powder  695MWK
Boat Safari  28800MWK
Donuts 50MWK(8円)
Samusa 50MWK(8円)

In the shop

Kamba jumbo(400g)・・・645MWK Juice・・・319MWK  Juice・・・245MWK Blue band・・・909MWK Energy drink・・・465MWK  HUNTER’S(Beer)・・・1095MWKHoney・・・2025MWK(約340円)Cooking oil・・・439MWKRice 1kg・・・1219MWKPasta 500g ・・・745MWKPotato chips・・・735MWKTooth paste 75ml ・・・1119MWK
Small blue band 250g ・・・699MWKNestle BABY CREAM・・・ 1195MWKMaggi NOODLE ・・・225MWKPasta・・・380MWKHWINZ BEANZ・・・800MWKCORNED MEAT・・・1555MWKBrandy・・・2969MWKVine (DURBANVILLE HILLS)・・・7695MWK
water 500ml ・・・165MWK
handy andy・・・1495MWK DOOM ・・・595MWK Raid ・・・619MWK baby diapers・・・1799MWK baby powder・・・399MWK 

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