Let me tell you a story I awfully failed to make Natto!



Hello! Last time I wrote about making KIMUCHI! Then I challenged to make Natto this time! You’ll see how it was .XD

Making Natto!


necessarily ingredients 

  • Beans
  • Natto

Only two of them!!

In short, how to make is ….

  1. pickle some beans in the water.
  2. boil some beans
  3. combine beans with Natto.
  4. leave it alone in the warm place.
  5. Done!

You know By the look of it, there is no chance to mess up! haha Just read this up to the end of the article to see how I failed.

Let’s Try!

15682178_1169807246463866_1658105212_oFirstly, you can put some beans in the container to pickle .15658715_1169807163130541_1519477374_oPour some water so that beans can absorb it. Time you need to wait depends on the temperature .

Winter: 24h
Spring: Autumn: 15h
Summer: 6h
15681675_1169807273130530_1994909525_oIt’s winter now. So I was waiting for 24 hours.  Whao! Bean got bigger by the water !  A bean on the right is before pickling.15697111_1169807173130540_1895628068_oThen we can boil it ! It will take 3 hours!  15681909_1169807239797200_1423831926_o

3 hours later. This is what it’s supposed to be! You combine the beans with Natto. It needs one case of Natto per 400g of beans. After that, just leave it alone in the warm place for 24 hours.

Yay! 24 hours has passed! Looks of it are getting closer to real Natto!



It smells too terrible ….XD


At first I thought it was plain smells of Natto, but it’s too awful… I googled it and according to that, If you failed, It smells like soggy rotten cloth….. Yes this is it indeed! XD


Most likely it was because I didn’t sanitized anything during this cooking….  I’ll use clean stuff next time!

In a nutshell

How was it??   Because I was able to make Kimuchi awesomely ! I felt like I can do anything! But I couldn’t make it this time…  I’ll give it a shot some other day!