I made a Christmas world with Origami. It’s so cute!

折り紙 クリスマス


Good afternoon! It’s Christmas today in Poland!

For people in Poland, Christmas means a lot to them. They have a custom to spend time with their family. So every stores are really closed during this. I was off to the Christmas markets, but they were also closed.XD


Then, I wanna show you one of my cuteness ! I made a Christmas world with Origami. 🙂

Actually I am considered I’m great at Origami by Polish friends.


These below are what I created in the past…..

15725520_1171725032938754_1524014801_oPeacock (Polish:paw)
15725385_1171725042938753_423711800_oDragon (Polish:smok)

That’s what I’ve done! Everything above is for Polish friends. They are happy when I give it to them. One more thing, in fact , I have a experience I became a Origami teacher in Poland.

Then, this time is ….


Christmas tree, reindeer , Santa Claus! XD

Then this is what I combine them and made.


Tada~~! Quite cute! I’m gonna give it to someone as Christmas present!!

Polish girl 「Ale Piękny!!! (SO CUUUUTE!!)」

I sure they say so!

Wesołych Świąt!!(Merry Christmas!)



折り紙 クリスマス