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Norway Information

▼ Capital city Oslo
▼ Main international airport ▼ Oslo airport
▼ Directions ▼ Pass through city airports of European countries such as Copenhagen, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, London etc. It is easy to get there by direct flight to Copenhagen, Helsinki and transfer there. I entered Norway from the Kieluna in Sweden by rail. · Kiel (Germany) – Oslo.
Number of flights per day 1 flight
Approximate travel time is about 20 hours
Ferry company color line
▼ Language ▼ Norwegian
▼ English to communicate
▼ Currency rate ▼ 1 Norway · Krone = 17.1 yen
Prices ▼ Highest in Northern Europe! That is pretty expensive. Consumption tax 25%. Convenience stores are expensive.
▼ Cheap Hotel ▼ 150 Krone –
▼ Water ▼ You can drink tap water
▼ Chip ▼ No.
▼ Security ▼ Let’s pay attention to the concept that Scandinavia is safe. It seems better for Norway to pay attention to surprises.
▼ Earth Happiness ▼ 3rd place 2006
▼ Visa ▼ Schengen unnecessary in sightseeing within a total of 90 days within 6 months within the agreement country (European countries). Upon arrival of immigration in the first agreement country, the agreement domestic moves freely. Passport remaining term is over 3 months when entering the agreement country.
▼ Voltage outlet ▼ B type, C type at 230 V
▼ SIM Free ▼ Available
▼ Wifi ▼ High penetration rate. Free Wifi at the cafe. You can use a personal computer even in tourist information! Available for most of the hotel.
▼ Clothes ▼ Winter is long and the coldness is extremely severe (it may be less than -20 degrees), and even in the summer it is quite chilly at night, so it is necessary to pay attention to clothes.
▼ Domestic Movement ▼ The railroad runs through the railroad! Other than that, you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery by using the bus! [Airplane] Airlines such as Scandinavian Airlines and its affiliates’ Braathen ASA (BU), Widder Air (WF), and many other airlines are flying over almost the whole country in the country and Widelow Airlines flies to the west of the Fiord region I have many flights.
【Railroad】 It has been operated by Norway Statsbaner (NSB) since the opening in 1850. There are 12 types of routes in all, extending radially from Oslo, few lines connecting local cities. There are no special fast trains because it is rugged, but there are many routes that can have beautiful scenery accordingly.The line between Oslo and Bergen, which runs like sewing mountainous mountains and fjords, is called the Bergen express and many yearning for travelers There is also a private rail such as From Railroad connecting Mürdor to From, by the way Norway’s northernmost railway station is Narvik, but there is no direct train from Oslo because the route to Narvik is Sweden’s It is a line extending from Kiruna, which was originally constructed to carry out the iron ore produced in Kiela originally, which is the northernmost station that can be reached from Oslo by train of domestic railroad is Bodo. [About reservation] The train with the mark of [R] in the timetable is all seats reserved seats. Be sure to make a reservation before getting on a ride and receive a seat designation Reservation is accepted from 3 months before the use day until just before departure [Examine the train time] Since the timetable divided by the route is put in the station, the timetable when all the routes became a fee is charged.The Norwegian can communicate in English without problem, so the ticket You can pick a favorite time zone on the spot when you go to the department. [Ticket purchase] You can make a reservation from the homepage of Norwegian Railways purchased in Japan, you can purchase it at the local ticket depot.Tickets to purchase locally When purchasing, be sure to take out the number tag waiting in turn from the dedicated machine near the designated counter, when the number queue waiting for the turn is called from the dedicated machine beside the counter.Electric light bulletin board When your number is displayed or the number is called, go to the designated counter and tell the destination, time of day, train number etc. For Oslo Central Station there are two places to purchase tickets Agenda and Local A train is a ticket department at the gate entrance, a long distance signature and an international train are purchased at the ticket department on the front left side of the ticket gate. [About discount charges] A discount fee called Mini Priss Minipris is set up between specific cities As there are many conditions, check on purchase. If the timetable is marked with green, senior, student and child discounts are applied to the train and 40% discount for the target person.
【Bus】 Numerous bus companies, including the southern to central Norway and Norway · Bus Express Express affiliates such as Tirb, which runs international buses around Busse Express and Tromsø, and other local bus companies The bus terminals are all the same and the rates are the same for each company.While the north of Lapland and around the Nord Cup are operated by the local bus company FFR Inc. Between Central Trondheim and Bodo There is no bus that goes straight to Lapland so buses do not run in the area of Lapland, there is a route that goes to Finland from the northern Kara Shoch of Lapland.In addition, there are routes that reduce flight in Lapland in winter, Honningsvag Please note that the route itself may be lost as in the case of the Norcup, or it may be delayed considerably depending on the weather, so please note that it may be missed [TIME CONFIRMATION AND PURCHASE OF TICKETS] Tickets are tickets at the bus terminal You can buy directly at the department, you can buy it after confirming it because there is a timetable so if you are a small town you may not be at the ticket office so tell the place you want to go to the driver and purchase directly By the way, the timetable is overhanging at the terminal or it can be obtained at the hotel.
▼ International driver’s license ▼
▼ Average temperature ▼
▼ Season ▼ Aurora is the best from October to March!
▼ Time difference ▼
▼ Illness
▼ Credit card ▼ It can be used in most shops! VISA or Master is recommended.
▼ small story ▼ 20 bottles of Marlboro for a box of about 800 yen



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