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▼ Capital city ▼ Helsinki
▼ Major international airport ▼ Finnair operates direct flights from Narita International Airport and Kansai International Airport to Chubu International Airport to Helsinki. 4 flights a week from Narita International Airport, 5 flights a week from Kansai International Airport and 3 flights from Chubu International Airport. The journey time is about 9 hours 30 minutes
▼ Language ▼ Finnish
▼ English ▼ I can communicate in urban areas
▼ Currency Rate ▼ 1 Euro = 140.6 yen
▼ Prices ▼ Prices are expensive as the consumption tax is high.
▼ Budget accommodation ▼ 35 euro
▼ Water ▼ Tap water is one of the best quality water in the world! Moreover, soft water!
▼ Chip ▼ No.
▼ Security ▼ It can be said that it is a very nice country of security.
▼ Earth Happiness ▼ 59th place 2009
▼ Visa ▼ Schengen unnecessary in sightseeing within a total of 90 days within 6 months within the agreement country (European countries). Upon arrival of immigration in the first agreement country, the agreement domestic moves freely. Passport remaining term is more than 3 months from the expected date of departure from Finland.
▼ Voltage outlet ▼ 220 V / 230 V C type
▼ SIM free ▼ Yes. It is pretty popular!
▼ Wifi ▼ Helsinki is Wifi heaven! There is also McDonalds so you can use it there too! It can also be used in transportation Because it is mp, you can use waiting time effectively! There are few net cafes.
▼ Clothes ▼
▼ Domestic Movement ▼ If the transportation system such as iron tram, subway, bus, etc. can be utilized, the range of action spreads a lot and it is certain that you can enjoy sightseeing comfortably and efficiently. Also, especially in the summer season with good climate and road conditions, movement by bicycle is also popular.
Tram (Raitiolinja: Ratikka: Rattika) The so-called tram. As of March 2013, all 11 lines are in operation, high value of use as it goes into the streets of the city as well as the main roads. The next stop is displayed properly in the car. Speed is comparatively relaxed, it is one of the nice points for tourists to enjoy the view from the car window.
Metro (Metro)
Only one line connecting Helsinki city to the east and west from the end to the end (However, since there are two eastern terminal station, it branches on the way). As of March 2013, a plan to extend to the western satellite city Espoo is ongoing. Since there are many numbers and main stations with many opportunities to drop by are fastest at the fastest and shortest, efficient movement is possible. There is also display inside the car and announcement, there is no worry that you will not get lost if you misunderstand even the direction of travel.
Bus (Bussi)
More than 100 lines are running only in the city, covering every corner of the city over the tram. Depending on the destination, use may become mast. Many of the buses do not display the name of the next station name in the car, and the bus stop name is not often written in the bus stop itself, but the kind of anxiety for tourists. However, you can overcome with minimum communication with the driver so be relieved! Suburban train (Lähijuna: Rahi Yuna)
Local train operated from Helsinki Central Station to a suburb of the city and nearby cities nearby. The number is not large, and tourists’ use frequency is not so high, but it is also inevitable to use when going to a destination in the suburbs somewhat. Each line has the alphabet name. Inside the car there will be an announcement of the next stop, you can also buy a ticket from a circuiting conductor.
■ Ferry · Water Bus
(Lautta: Lautta / Vesibussi: Vesibusi)
From Helsinki Port and Hakaniemi Port, there are several lines that can approach sightseeing spots with water movement. The representative is a municipal small ferry that regularly operates between Suomenlinna and Etera port, a world heritage island in Helsinki Bay. From 6 o’clock in the morning to 2 o’clock in the next morning, they are coming and going between the two ports at intervals of 20 to 30 minutes.
■ Taxi (Taksi / Taxi: Taxi)
There is no flow taxi, you can pick up at the station where the signboard is located in front of the station or main facility or you have to make a phone reservation in advance. The starting fare is around 7 euro, with late night / weekend extra surcharge. With all meter system, the meter gradually starts to rise from the moment you got on, so do not be surprised. Chips are unnecessary.
■ Bicycle rental (Pyörä: Puola)
In a good season of road condition, borrowing a bicycle that you can enjoy walking around the city with a small turning effect is also one means. Depending on the hotel you are renting for free or for a fee, you can rent a regular bicycle and a unique kick motorbike that can handle a steering wheel on the Kamppi Plaza only in the summer only open the rental cycle booth.
▼ International Driver’s License ▼ In order to drive cars etc. in Finland, you need to bring a Finnish driver ‘s license or with a Japanese domestic driver’ s license or an international driver ‘s license or a public domestic driver’ Word or Swedish translation document at the same time.
▼ Average temperature ▼
▼ Season ▼
▼ Time difference ▼ 7 hours
▼ Illness ▼ In urban areas, you need to pay attention to snakes, mosquitoes, ticks etc. Mushroom hunting is a popular activity, but every year people are losing their lives with poisonous mushrooms.
▼ Credit card ▼
▼ Small net ▼ Marlboro 20 bottles per box 700 yen. The birthplace of Moomin. Public toilets charge a fee! Super can not go out unless you do shopping!



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