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Saint Lucia

▼ Capital city ▼ Castries
▼ Main international airport ▼ Heunora International Airport
▼ Direction ▼
▼ Language ▼ English
▼ English to communicate
▼ Currency Rate ▼ 1 East Caribbean Dollar = 37.6 yen
▼ Prices ▼ Food is 15 East Caribbean Dollar
▼ Cheap Hotel ▼ 70 East Caribbean Dollar
▼ Water ▼ Buy mineral water
▼ Chip ▼
▼ Peace and security ▼ It is much higher than the per capita incidence in Japan. Especially the incidence of housing is about 1,400 to 1,500 annually (about 8 to 9 times the incidence of Japan), and the robbery is an extremely high occurrence rate of over 300 cases (60 to 70 times the same) per year.
▼ Earth Happiness ▼
▼ Visa ▼ For Japanese, if you possess departing tickets and staying expenses for purposes other than working, and you are staying within a month, you are exempt from obtaining entry visas. If you wish to stay for more than a month, you will need to obtain permission to extend your stay at the immigration office again. In addition, it is necessary that the remaining validity period of the passport is up to the date of departure at the time of entry. When leaving Japan, it is necessary to pay an exit tax of 55.00 dollars in local currency per capita.
▼ Voltage outlet ▼ A2 type, BF type with 110 / 220V
▼ SIM free ▼
▼ Wifi ▼
▼ Clothes ▼
▼ Domestic movement ▼ Mini bus & taxi.
▼ International Driver’s License ▼ International driver’s license does not apply. To drive a car you need a driver’s license of Saint Lucia, but if you present a driver’s license with English translation, you can create it at the airport, police station or some rental car company. The validity period is 3 months and the commission is US $ 20.
▼ Average temperature ▼ 26 degrees / 25 degrees
▼ Season ▼
▼ Time difference ▼
▼ Illness ▼ Attention is required because the infection rate to AIDS is high. Mosquito-borne infections common to tropical areas (such as dengue)
▼ Credit card ▼
▼ small story ▼ 90% is African

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