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Dominica country
▼ Capital city ▼ Roseau
▼ Main international airport ▼ Melville / Hall airport (not international airport) 1 hour 30 minutes by car from Zorrow city
▼ Direction ▼
▼ Language ▼ English
▼ English to communicate
▼ Currency Rate ▼ 1 East Caribbean Dollar = 37.6 yen
Prices ▼
▼ Arashi ▼ 90 East Caribbean Doll
▼ Water ▼ Buy mineral water
▼ Chip ▼
▼ Security ▼ Relatively safe in the Caribbean area is considered good. However, according to the crime statistics of 2012, 6 cases of homicide, 134 cases of sexual crime, 70 cases of robbery, 1,046 cases of house invasion, etc. are present, and the incidence per population is tens of times High value. Dominican people are friendly and friendly, and there are cases where they talk to us easily when I see foreigners.
▼ Earth Happiness ▼
▼ Visa ▼ ● For Japanese, other than for employment purposes, if the destination is secured, possessing an air ticket and staying expenses of departure and staying within 3 months, advance entry of immigrant visa is It is exempted. The length of stay is decided at the time of entry, and procedures to extend the stay period at the immigration office are required to stay beyond that period. Also, it is necessary for the passport’s remaining validity period to be 6 months or more when entering Japan. ● When entering from the yellow fever epidemic area, you will be asked to present a yellow card (yellow fever vaccination certificate). ● When you leave Japan, you need to pay 59 dollars as a departure tax in local currency per person.
▼ Voltage outlet ▼ 220 / 240V at Type A
▼ SIM free ▼
▼ Wifi ▼
▼ Clothes ▼
▼ Domestic movement ▼ Mini bus & taxi.
▼ International Driver’s License ▼ Driver’s license of Dominica is required for driving the car, but if you have a driver’s license in English such as international driver’s license, it will be created at the airport, rent-a-car company, transportation department. It is valid for one month and the commission is about US $ 12. Most rental car companies are required to be over 25 years old and have over 2 years of driving experience when renting a car.
▼ Average temperature ▼ 26 degrees / 25 degrees
▼ Season ▼
▼ Time difference ▼
▼ Illness ▼ Caution is necessary as AIDS prevalence rate is high. Also note attention to mosquito-borne infections such as dengue in many tropical areas. There is no need to worry about infectious diseases etc.
▼ Credit card ▼
▼ small net ▼ Diablotin Mountain (1,447 m), banana is the center of economy
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