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Saint Kitts and Nevis

▼ Capital city ▼ Basseterre
▼ Main international airport ▼ Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport
▼ Directions ▼ Japan ⇒ US ⇒ Transfer from Haneda via Puerto Rico twice Los Angeles International ⇒ Miami ⇒ Approximately 300,000 yen
▼ Language ▼ English
▼ English to communicate
▼ Currency Rate ▼ 1 East Caribbean Dollar = 37.6 yen (04/11)
▼ Prices ▼ Ordinary meal is about 15 East Caribbean Dollars
▼ Budget hotel ▼
▼ Water ▼ For drinking water we recommend drinking commercially available mineral water.
▼ Chip ▼ degree of manners. Chip with a feeling.
▼ Security ▼ 94th / 163 countries Murder case is jealousy against “difference of rich and poor”, extremely short motive
▼ Earth Happiness ▼ Jamaica (70.1) 2009
▼ Visa ▼ If you are holding a departure ticket and staying within a month, you will be exempt from obtaining an immigration visa. A maximum stay period of one month is granted according to the planned stay period, and for staying longer than that, it is necessary to obtain extension permission by immigration. When you leave Japan you will need to pay a departure tax of 58 dollars (or 22 dollars) in local currency per person. When entering from the yellow fever epidemic area, you will be asked to present a yellow card (yellow fever vaccination certificate).
▼ Voltage outlet ▼ C type, SE type at 127 V
▼ SIM free ▼
▼ Wifi ▼ There is no hotel
▼ Clothes ▼
▼ Domestic movement ▼ Minivan and taxi (relatively safe)
▼ International Driver’s License ▼ Impossible (Presented and created by local transportation agencies, car rental companies)
▼ Average temperature ▼ 30 degrees / 20 degrees
▼ Season ▼
▼ Time difference ▼
▼ Illness ▼ Attention is required because the infection rate to AIDS is high. Also note attention to mosquito-borne infections common to tropical areas (such as dengue). The sanitary condition of food is good!
▼ Credit card ▼
▼ Small neta ▼ Zimbabwe became the world ‘s third largest after Japan, becoming more and more invisible. Meanwhile, the country put the expectation on “a citizenship grant system by investment” that has been implemented for almost 30 years since 1984.
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