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Panama information

▼ Capital city ▼ Panama City
▼ Major international airport ▼ Futocumene International Airport (less than 1 hour from Panama City)
▼ Direction ▼
▼ Language ▼ Spanish is the official language, but there are many people whose native language is English.
▼ English to communicate
▼ Currency Rate ▼ Panama / Balboa (PAB) 1 PAB = 103.895 JPY US Dollar can also be used
▼ Prices ▼ Cheap. Set meals is less than $ 2. Canned beer (350 ml) 50 yen
▼ Approximately ¥ 1000
▼ Water ▼ Tap water can be drunk, but worried people buy water. Shower is hot water
▼ Chip ▼
▼ Peace and security ▼ I do not feel so dangerous in the daytime sightseeing in the New Town. The back side of the alley is very dangerous. World security risk ranking: 58th / 163 countries
▼ Earth Happiness ▼ 59th place 2009
▼ Visa ▼ Tourist Visa Necessary (It is possible to stay for 90 days). ESTA acquisition required
▼ Voltage outlet ▼ 110 / 220V type A, BF type
▼ SIM free ▼
▼ Wifi ▼ It is in the hotel. There is a net cafe and you can use the internet.
▼ Clothes ▼ It is better not to walk on conspicuous clothes.
▼ Domestic Movement ▼ Panama does not have a train so use a bus or a taxi. At 3, 4 dollars. Bus 25 cents
▼ International Driver’s License ▼ In order to drive cars etc. in Finland, you need to bring a Finnish driver ‘s license or with a Japanese domestic driver’ s license or an international driver ‘s license or a public domestic driver’ Word or Swedish translation document at the same time.
▼ Average temperature ▼ 34 degrees / 20 degrees
▼ Season ▼
▼ Time difference ▼ 14 hours
▼ Illness ▼ Infectious gastroenteritis. Attention to live things. Dengue and malaria. Chagas disease. Yellow fever vaccination. Hepatitis A, B and E
▼ Credit card ▼ Credit card payment is common. You can also withdraw and cash at ATM.
▼ Small net ▼ Panama has a low smoking rate, so consideration is required when smoking. · Ban on alcoholic religious days.

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