サンアンドレス島に行く前に気をつけること Things to remember before going to San Andres Island.



I’ve landed on San Andres island , Colombia. Even though many things here caught my eye, there was no much information about this island. So I’m sharing some info here.

ツーリストカードの購入は必須 Must buy a tourist card


There was not much information even in English. According to some articles , those who enters in San Andres requires a tourist card. If you stay in island less than 24 hours or you are under 7yo, the card is not neccesary.


Internet says the price of a tourist card is 105 peso. On the other hand, old info says it was 99 peso. Apparently the price is raising year by year. 

This info is too old!!


FYI, December 2018, the cost waa 109 peso. I was a bit astonished by the fact that price was more expensive that I expected.

ネット上には「空港で買えると」と書いてあるけど詳しい情報はないのでここに書いておこう。航空会社のカウンターの一番端っこに親切にも「San Andres Tourist Card」というカウンターがあった。基本的にはカウンター経由で搭乗口に行くと思うので、その時にスタッフが教えてくれる。ちなみにカードは現金でしか買えないので注意が必要。(と思ったけど、なんか搭乗口前でも販売していてその時はカードで払っている人もいた。)

Internet vaguely says that it is bought at the airport but there was no clear info. So actually you can buy it when you go to the airline’s counter. Unless you don’t have any checking baggage and have web check-in pass, you need to go to the counter. After all process is done, staff will tell you to buy a tourist card. I thought it 


A card looks like an arrival card. You have to fill in and turn it over when you arrive the island.

帰りのチケットが必要 Must have a ticket for returning


I totally didn’t know about this. Staff told me that I mush have a ticket for returning in order to enter San Andres. Hence I immediately bought a ticket even though it took time because Internet here was so slow.  

少し悩んだけど、一番都合がよかったので日本の予約サイトだったのでチケットを購入。購入画面をお姉さんに見せたら「???」。まぁそうだよね。 ちなみにここの空港のスタッフは英語がそんなに上手じゃない。なんとか予約画面をスペイン語にして通じた。ITの知識があるとこういうのもすぐできる。

On side note: Not all staff speak English. So sometimes you straggle with communicating with them. Just behave nicely.


以上です!サンアンドレスは本当にいい場所なので楽しんでください! 🙂 

That’s all I want to share! San Andres is such a nice place undoubtedly. Enjoy your stay! 




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