サンアグスティン(コロンビア)でのボランティア体験記。Things to do in San Agustín(Colombia) other than its archaeological park.


In order to survive in the abroad , a lot of skills are required. Of course it is not necessary. Even if you don’t speak English , some people are improvising and  enjoying the moment.


But in my case, I felt many things while participating in several communities around the world. First of all, if you want to tell people what you really wanna say, language is must. Even though Japanese people are good at smiling to let the situation go without any issues, it’s the best to interact with others. Especially we’re rare among the majorities. So it’s better to keep in mind that we need to communicate more in order to let people know about Japan.  

そして、色んな人がいる世界で自分という人間を確立させるにはスキルが必要だと感じた。世界に出れば日本国内よりも「できる人」「才能のある」が多い。そんな中でも貴重な存在になるためにはスキルを身に付ける必要がある。 僕はそうして身につけたスキルを活用して世界の色んなコミュニティの手助けをしている。

Then I felt like I need sufficient skills to make myself only one. One you go oversea , you’ll see more talented people than you see in Japan. I needed be only one to stand out among the crowd. I’m now helping people by utilizing some skills that I’ve got. 

さぁ、今ここコロンビアのSan Agustínという街のホステルでは「Webプロジェクト」「動画プロジェクト」を手伝っている。僕が世界で戦えるスキルは



So now I’m in San Agustín, Colombia to help a guest house make their website as well as a promotion video. The skills that I can fight with in the worlds are:

「Japanese」「English」「Editing video」「Photograph」「Developing App」

5 of them. If I want , the list goes on and on. There are many people who can handle 2 of them , but I double there are people who can do 5 of them even around the world.


Being “only one” is very essential abroad.  Oh not only abroad, but also it’s important in Japan too. Ultimately speaking, what is the meaning of the reason for existing?  I overheard the quote ; “There is one thing that only I can do. That’s why I was born in this world”. Just like that.

まぁこの話をし続けると長くなるので今回はこんな感じ。とりあえずホステルのために動画が完成したので是非見てください 🙂 オーナーもかなり興奮して賞賛してくれました。こういうやり取りが好きなんだよね。

This story is already dragging on… I should stop talking by now. Anyway the video I worked for the hostel is ready. It definitely blew owner’s mind.  That’s what I was seeking .


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