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I obtained a new table !

Hi, it’s 2nd day since I begun writing English blog 🙂 Not until I started it, I notice the importance of continuing something. And also I realized what’s difficult to do it. Good of me.

Late night, I made a call to my old friend who lives in Fukuoka , Japan. Last time when I met him is 3 years ago I guess. At the time I went to his place by bike! The distance between my place and his place is over 1000km! But I did it without any issues. Technically, I was having hard time to complete all the way. But beautiful views and refreshing winds helped me run.

Aside from the long story about him, we were talking a lot. It reminded me of school life.

So let me talk about what happened today. 🙂 Mmmm Oh As soon as I woke up at the morning, I went to the post office. Because I had to send a copy of my passport to IELTS office. I came close to forgetting about it, but made it properly.  After I came back home, I was studying. I guess I’m not cut out for keeping sitting on the chair. It’s no use thinking about it tho.ha. XD But today contrary to my expectation , I made progress in concentration. I ended up idling away tho…XD  It seems to me  that there is still a lot of things to obtain ideal score in IELTS test. So I’ll do it !

Then as I mentioned at the beginning of today, I’ve got a new table! Technically, that table has been home for long time. It belonged to my younger sister. I was longing for it recently and kept asking her to give it to me. Then today she finally gave in and gave me that! Yes! I’ll make the most of this and study more effectively ^^

Time flies. Today is about to finish. Life is shorter than people thinks.Even thought most of them don’t realize that fact.

see you tomorrow~ ^^



貴重なお時間をこのブログに割いていただきありがとうございます :) 将来不安な日本から脱出するために色んな国で生活をしている平成生まれです。旅人と言っていますが、ただ海外にいるだけです笑。自己満足の旅よりも人助けをして生きていたいので現地の人と関われるスタイルを求めて基本的にボランティアをしながら海外を旅。起業家、投資家、Webデザイナー、アプリ開発者、投資家、ラジオパーソナリティ、写真家、ギタリストとかなり多趣味です。ここ数年はネットで稼いだお金だけで生活中。誰もやらないようなことが大好物。僕の作ったアプリは世界201カ国でダウンロードされています。 あ、ブログではテンション高めですが、実際は静かな人間です :)
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