Volunteer in Malawi 1st day “Departure”



Let me write about my big adventure! I was working as a volunteer in Malawi. Exactly where I worked was a big school in the small village. Not until I came here, I witness a lot of new things! 


Last night, I was talking with my friend all night long. Because I get drunk easily , I usually avoid drinking alcohol. But contrary to my will, I had it and slept.. XD Despite that, I woke up earlier than usual. My flight was at 15:30. So there was still time to idle away. Where I live is 30 minute away from the airport. Before leaving home, I rechecked my packed baggage. Basically what I packed is clothes and a portion of electric devices. As I still had enough time and was relaxing , one of my Polish friends sent me a massage. She told me that she is also flying from the airport today.Her flight is at 13:10. She was like “You may as well see me off~~”. But hers are too early in comparison to mine. I considered a bit and decided to go because a lady asked me! However the bus I tried to take was delayed . I wanted to arrive at 12. But it seemed to me that I arrive at 12:10. She might go after security zone and we would not meet….  I told her so. But she responded like “Hurry, I can wait until 12:00” There was no choice. But it would be okay because I know her characteristic. She waits for me even if I arrive behind time. As I expected I got the airport 10 past 12.We were supposed to meet in front of the entrance. But she wasn’t there. I looked over inside building and found her! She was in the line that leads to the security check. anyway big relief.:) 

So next, I went get my boarding pass at the counter. Firstly I fly to London . But when I was at the LOT counter, staff told me that “We can take effect only one ticket to London. So please get another ticket in London. Baggage goes to Malawi.” Yeah no wonder he said so, because aircraft company changes after London. That’s normal. I waited in front of the gate. But contrary to my expectation , my flight was one hour delayed….  AAMOF, my transfer time in London is only for 3 hours… And I knew that there will be big crowds there. But it’s no use thinking about it! I hopped in the aircraft. 

A couple of hour later, I got London. I hurried and stood in the queue. But,,,, there were already a lot of people…. Most of them were Chinese and Korean. Despite many people here, immigration staffs are very few… One one later in the line, I could pass the immigration. As long as I skip it , I thought I would my flight. So I asked a staff to let me go first. Then she told me “You don’t have check-in baggage,right? You don’t need to be here.”…..XD Apparetly , I could directly move to the other terminal from here. Not until I came here, I knew that I can get a boarding pass in the terminal. I was surprised a bit by England accent. After getting a boarding pass , all I have to do is hop in the airplane. But there was one thing to do before that. Which is withdraw US dollar. I needed it to pay for arrival VISA in Malawi. It seemed to me that there will be no chance to withdraw after London.  I looked for it and made out! The gate was open already and I hop in it in time. I came close to miss my flight!  Because not many people was in the airplane , I was having comfortable time. Slept enough for tomorrow.



I obtained a new table !

The more I learn English, the more interesting it is :)