Let my curiosity start moving today :)



Hi, actually I forgot to introduce myself in English,  even though I was writing this blog for more than two years! 

Let me say Hello again! My name is HODAKA from Japan. 🙂 What I’m doing is ….. a lot of things! haha  I’m investor , radio personality , traveler , web designer and so on.

Main contents of this blog are about my travel such as what I witness and experience. 🙂 

In the past 2 years, I’ve been to more than 10 countries around the world. At the beginning of my adventure, I thought that I would keep traveling until 30 years old. I expected so I believed so.

But one thing changed my mind. That was Malawi in Africa. I went there in Feb in 2017. I was working there as a volunteer. What exactly I did there is fix something and repair something. What’s more when I have spare time , repainted the school like the surface of the buildings. It was painted already. Bur because of the many factors such as winds , dusts and touching by children , the color came off. 

I spent one month on helping them . During that I observed their class several times with kids. I didn’t expected that they are learning such a high level subject. What I learnt was like disease of cassava and social environment problem. They totally inspired me. I felt like I have to study something harder. Because despite the fact that they are learning great things , people in the world qualify them as poor people. In order to make a big difference to that, I have to learn more and I’ll be back there to support them. 

That’s why I decided to go to the university that’s abroad. In order to go there, I have to take an English exam that can prove my English levels. 

Anyways due to there reasons, I’m gonna keep my English blogs here. I’ll manage to do it everyday! I hope I can take my English skills to the next level. 🙂 

then see you tomorrow! haha


I obtained a new table !