The more I learn English, the more interesting it is :)


Hi how are you, people reading my article? 

Today I woke up at around 8 and kicked off studying. I was solving out the questions from the countermeasure book that my sister gave me not long ago.Not until I read it  I notice that I need more vocabularies. Especially I tackled like Reading problems that I resist. Sometimes I sulk about straggling them. But even during today, I felt things are getting better. 🙂 

Bad things today is I failed to avoid a temptation…. Even thought I made up my mind not to play the Wii U, I did it…. I wanna think that relax time is necessary from time to time….. But either way, I felt I got smarter today! haha 

Oh I have to clean up my room some time. It’s still cluttered up… I must do it ASAP . Otherwise I will end up not doing… 

Speaking of my room, a table that I’ve got last night helps me studying and concentrating ! My decision was totally right! 

I’m gonna be studying for another one month… And after that, nothing special will happen. Because basically I stay home. There is no opportunities to encounter new surroundings. All I can do hence is increase my income and enhance my English skill. I can do it! 

Volunteer in Malawi 1st day “Departure”

Everything slipped my mind….