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Everything slipped my mind….


Hi! Yesterday what I was afraid has happened… I overlooked to write my dairy here! XD Teah,,, as I was saying , I’m so forgettable and averse to doing anything…

Then I don’t remember what I’ve done yesterday…. All I remember is that I studied harder and I found Ellen show interesting! Contrary to my will, I was watching it over and over. I was night oil last night.

Good thing I noticed yesterday is that my English skill has improved for sure. Because I formerly needed to watch English video with subtitle. It was must for me. But these days I don’t quite need it when I watch videos.  It’s partly because Ellen is the one who articulates. It helped hearing properly.


Then let me talk about what happened today. Well… Oh today something unexpected happened! I received a e-mail about photos that I’m selling online. Someone purchased one of mine! Great! From my memory, last time someone bought it is a year ago, I guess.  So that totally slipped my mind! XD I rechecked my account details and got started selling more photos from my trip.Actually I’ve been to a lot of countries past a year! plenty pictures in my laptop!  I don’t if it’s good or not, I could not upload everything because it was too many to upload at once! I’ll do it some day!

I hence need to study. See you tomorrow! I keep in mind that I’ll write my blog everyday! 



貴重なお時間をこのブログに割いていただきありがとうございます :) 将来不安なジャパンから脱出するために色んな国で生活をしている平成生まれです。旅人と言っていますが、ただ海外にいるだけです笑。自己満足の旅よりも人助けをして生きていたいので現地の人と関われるスタイルを求めて今こんな感じ。起業家、投資家、Webデザイナー、アプリ開発者、投資家、ラジオパーソナリティ、写真家、ギタリストとかなり多趣味で大体のことは人並み以上にできます。ここ数年はネットで稼いだお金だけで生活中。誰もやらないようなことが大好物。僕の作ったアプリは世界201カ国でダウンロードされています。 あ、ブログではテンション高めですが、実際は静かな人間です :)
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