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Sweden Information

▼ Capital city ▼ Stockholm

▼ Main international airport ▼ Stockholm · Arlanda airport

▼ Directions ▼ There is no direct flight from Japan to Sweden.
You will go via Copenhagen, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, London and so on.
The easiest thing is to go directly to Copenhagen, Helsinki and change it there! From Germany you can enter Sweden by train.
Bridging between Berlin and Lund The direct sleeper train Berlin Express operates one flight a day (three flights a week in winter). Eurolines operates a long distance bus to Stockholm.
Amounts and flights vary according to the season, so be sure to check in advance.

▼ Language ▼ Spoken in Swedish, American English

▼ English to communicate

▼ Currency Rate ▼ 1 Swedish Krona = 15.5 yen

Prices are high as it is Scandinavian. Coke 200 yen. Beer 600 yen. Lunch from 50 to 120 krone. McDonald’s set 800 yen

▼ Appreciation ▼ 150 to 300 krone in dormitory. Luxury hotel is at SEK 1,500 per night

▼ Water ▼ You can drink tap water

▼ Chip ▼ Basic unnecessary.

▼ Peace and security ▼ Security said to be the best in the world. A few countries that can be relieved from Japan

▼ Earth Happiness ▼ 53th (2009)

▼ Visa ▼ For visits of sightseeing or acquaintance visits, for visits of less than 90 days, it is not necessary to obtain a visa. It is unnecessary in sightseeing within a total of 90 days within six months within the Schengen agreement countries (European countries). Upon arrival of immigration in the first agreement country, the agreement domestic moves freely.

▼ Voltage outlet ▼ 220V type B, type C

▼ SIM free ▼

▼ Wifi ▼ It is widely used! You can use the internet anywhere, such as public places, cafes and restaurants, hotels. Most airports, such as Arlanda Airport and Gothenburg Airport, can use Wi-Fi for free for up to 3 hours. In cafes and restaurants, there are many cases where you can free Wi-Fi.

▼ Clothes ▼ Wear long-sleeved shirt and long pants Avoid exposing your skin

▼ Domestic movement ▼ Since the railway line runs like a mesh eye in the south, it is convenient to move by using the railway.In particular, the X2000 connecting Stockholm – Gothenburg and Stockholm – Malmö is the only Northern European The premium train, although the charge will be higher than the intercity, let’s use it by all means, the railroad will be fewer when you go to the north, but since Conex is running to tourist attractions such as Kieluna and Abisko, use this However, as the number is limited, if you do not have time, let’s also take advantage of the long distance bus.

【Airplane】 There are more than 10 airline companies in Sweden, including Scandinavian Airlines and Skyways (JZ) etc. Most airlines are flying from Stockholm to each city, There are few flights to connect between the local cities, even if you want to move between local cities, you will go through Stockholm once.

【Train】 Sweden National Railways Statens Jarnvager (SJ) operates a number of meshes in a meshed manner centering on the southern part of the country.Only between Stockholm and Gothenburg, which is the same distance between Tokyo and Osaka, approximately one hour per hour There is a train in proportion.In the northern part, Connex Connex has a route, and operates a route such as a long distance train connecting Stockholm and Luleae, Stockholm and Luleae, a train between Luleå – Narvik and Stockholm between Lorea and Göteborg There is also a night train which connects Stockholm and Narvik directly.In addition to general sleeping cars, panoramic cars, sleeping cars of Orient Express, etc. are also connected to long-distance trains. [About reservation] Regarding all trains , Reservation is basically unnecessary.But if you really want to reserve a seat you can also reserve a seat and you can also receive a seat assignment.If you want to get on a crowded time zone or a bus line, We will tell you if you visit at the window of the office.The reservation should be from 2 months before the use date to just before departure [to check the railroad time] Let’s get a book called Res Plus Tagtiger at the station etc. Sweden Extremely convenient because it carries domestic flights from domestic routes such as JNR and Connex to Denmark and Norway, as well as the time of major domestic flights between Denmark and Norway In the case of Stockholm Central Station there is a customer service Kundservice right next to the ticket office If you buy in Japan … If you buy in Japan … You can reserve and purchase from the Swedish National Railway homepage.The ticket exchange is on the local ticket office.If you purchase locally … When you buy a ticket, be sure to take a number tag waiting for your turn from the special machine near the counter.When your number is displayed on the electronic bulletin board or the number is called, go to the designated counter Tell the place and time you want to go, the train number etc. [About discount rates] There are various discount rates including children under the age of 16 and student discounts, youth discount applicable to 26 years old or younger, 30% off There is also “Just Nu” ticket which becomes discount by advance purchase.The discount rate goes up as the purchase is beforehand from boarding day.The number of tickets is limited for each train or specified on the day of the week up to the time Although there are conditions, the discount rate is considerably high at 50% at the maximum and it applies to not only Intercity but also to X2000 [Sweden · Rail · Pass] Sweden · Rail · Pass Sweden Rail Pass is a one month A convenient and affordable pass that will be unlimited for any 3-8 days during the period.You can buy it from the website as well as from the station [Type of main train] X2000 High-speed train boasted by Sweden National Railway Stockholm – Gothenburg There are six domestic routes in Japan, such as between Stockholm and Falun, two international routes between Stockholm and Copenhagen and between Gothenburg and Copenhagen, etc. There are 1 etc, 2 etc etc. Services such as meals and drinks are served at 1 etc etc Intercity Inter City (IC) Express train connecting major cities.

【Bus】 The use of buses has been increasing in recent years due to the cheaper than 2 etc. of railway etc. Although there are many bus companies, Swebus Swebus with routes throughout the country, Swedish company which also has routes throughout the country, Svenska · Busu Company Svenska Buss, Yubuss Yaesu with a route to the north.

▼ International Driver’s License ▼ The rewriting of a Japanese driver’s license to a Swedish driver’s license has a permission to stay in Sweden for one year or more, and after the resident registration at the tax office, within 12 months after the 185th day the Transportation Administration Agency It is necessary to apply to. In addition, residents who have less than one year of inhabitant registration can attach a translation certificate (application to the embassy) to a Japanese driver’s license or drive with an international driver’s license at the same time.

▼ Average temperature ▼

▼ Season ▼ Chance of Aurora from June to August September

▼ Time difference ▼

▼ Illness ▼ It is necessary to pay attention to mites (fasting). When bitten by this mite, the surrounding bite may swell red, a rash may appear, and tick may cause encephalitis

▼ Credit card ▼ There are ATMs in many places in any town. It is possible, of course, to withdraw cash from this ATM. From Japan, a card such as “international cash card” or a card such as VISA
It is also possible to withdraw cash with a cashing service such as MasterCard (MasterCard). Since each may cost a fee, I’d like to use the confirmation firmly before using it well in advance. Most shops accept credit cards. Famous cards such as Visa cards and Master cards can be used anywhere with almost no problem.

▼ Small Neta ▼ In the world’s population density rank is low density at 187 out of 235 countries. The biggest feature of the Swedish economy is that there are many civil servants. The number of people in the public sector exceeds 33% and reaches one third of the total (9.5% in Japan). The birthplace of H & M, Iya, Husqvarna. In the Lapland region, in the summer the white sunset sun



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