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How to connect the Internet in KLIA, Malaysia.

Hi there, this time I’m gonna tell you if you’re free to connect the Internet in KLIA , Malaysia.

So follow my logic here. You can! It’s quite easy to connect it. Just like catching a Rattata in game of Pokemen  🙂  It’s no surprise tho. Probably you know that Wi-fi in Asia is like heaven, that means people can connect it hands down.  Let’s go to the Wi-fi party!! Just kidding.haha

Although there is free wi-fi in KLIA, you can use it for only a hour per a day. But Wi-fi which belongt some restaurants is available for 24 hours. I tell you details about places that you can use the Internet for free and for as long as you want.

※for your information, in fact since I’ve missed flight, I’m more familiar with Wi-fi in KLIA. haha


Business hours 24 hours power  available (about 4)
price cheap crowd empty

Although I’ve somehow staying at the airport for 4 days , McDonald here was so comfortable! Honestly, It’s fine if you don’t order anything. They have several power plugs so that you can use wi-fi with charging your devices.

マクドナルド クアラルンプール国際空港のつくえ

If that helps, the price of set was about 3 dollar.


Business hours 24 hours power  available(about 10)
price cheap crowd empty

With a cup of coffee, you can stay here all the time. There are two Starbucks in KLIA but both is available. When using Wi-fi, you need a number which is written on the receipt .


Business hours 24 hours power available (about 2)
price cheap crowd empty

I Personally think that it was delicious. Foods have volume despite cheapness.


That’t it. These three is the places that I recommend you.

Finally, it’s kind of long distance from KLIA to center of the city. and since train is not available at night, many of travelers are like ↓

おやすみなさい マレーシア Wifi

Sleeping. They don’t hesitate to do this. I was also spending the time here.

Please be careful . The airport is equipped with some hotels. so If you afford to pay for it, you should stay at hotel.



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