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Let me talk about Krakow!

Hi, there! I’ve been in Krakow and working around here. So I’d love to introduce about Krakow. This city is called “Kyoto in Poland” 🙂  Although I’m really not sure if it [...]

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Lures of Langkawi in Malaysia.(You should go!)

I’m gonna share information about Langkawi which I went a long time ago.  I was impressed many times! What is Langkawi? Langkawi island, probably you may not know where it is and where it belong [...]

2015年10月6日 // 0 Comments

Let’s stay in foreign country with WWOOF.

Hello everyone! I’m gonna tell you about WWOOF that I’m now using. Article in Japanese → WWOOFを使って安く海外に住もう! This article is for people who want to stay in foreign country cheaply or study [...]

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How to connect the Internet in KLIA, Malaysia.

Hi there, this time I’m gonna tell you if you’re free to connect the Internet in KLIA , Malaysia. So follow my logic here. You can! It’s quite easy to connect it. Just like catching [...]

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Cheapest ways to stay in Tokyo

How to stay cheaply in Tokyo Hello, This article is all bout how to stay cheaply in Tokyo.   Since I’m living in Nagoya, I hardly go to Tokyo. But sometimes I go there for work and so on. T [...]

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What if you have loss on stock ? (Investment)

Hello, I have two different faces , one is traveler the other one is investor. Then I think that everyone who tried stock might have experience with this situation, which is that you have loss on stoc [...]

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Penang is the place which I do recommend you go!

  What’s Penang Penang is used to be called “Oriental Pearl” , and place that is bloomed as trade with England. A lot of exotic place is remaining here. Not to mention, beautifu [...]

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