Lures of Langkawi in Malaysia.(You should go!)

I’m gonna share information about Langkawi which I went a long time ago.  I was impressed many times!

What is Langkawi?

Langkawi island, probably you may not know where it is and where it belongs to. Langkawi is one of islands in Malaysia, then recently its government is focusing on making Langkawi stand out. So they’re trying to make it to be famous island. Langkawi is surrounded by pure white sands, and sea is also pure. You absolutely can spent a good time here! And also it is said that some various legends are sleeping in it.


It’s located at near the border between Malaysia and Thailand.

ランカウイ島 地図

I’ll show you how big it is. How does it compare with Tokyo?


Mmm …. It’s small.  60,000 people live in this islands.


★Ferry ・・・ Two ferry a day from Penang island. I took this to get to island.

A ferry which I actually used.

I personally like it! It takes around three hours to get there.


The price of one way is 60RM. Not to mention , two way is more affordable . Although web site says 2:45, actually it takes more than three hours. For your information, this ferry stops over a small island which is called Plau Paya. Be careful not to get off there.


Tickets can be bought by Internet or ferry station.

※Attention. There are only two ferries 8:15am and 8:30am. Both is morning. If you’re early-bird like me, there will be no problem. But If you’re night-owl, please set your alarm earlier!! Since It’s still dark that time, be careful while walking in the city.Although I felt like that even a girl can walk alone without any issues, paying more attention is better.

Ferries from other than Penang.

●Langkawi/Kuala Perlis One way:RM 18.00 Duration 1:15
Kuala Perlis

●Langkawi/Kuala Kedah One way:RM 23.00 Duration 1:45
Kuala Kedah

●Langkawi/Satun(タイ) One way:RM 30.00 Duration 1:15

What to do in Langkawi

Although I wrote a title above, I’ve just done touring motor bicycle. So If you like touring, Langkawi must be awesome place for you!! I have experiences with touring motor bicycle in Thailand and Cambodia. But, Here is the best place ever!

If you have a valid International driver license, you can rent a motor bicycle with RM30 a day. The price of MT is a bit of higher than AT. You don’t have to look for place which the bike is available. Because after you get out of ferry station, someone absolutely ask you about rental motor  bicycle. haha.  It’s gonna so easy!

Where would you like to run though in the island with motor bicycle ? You don’t need to think it coz you’re allowed to run everywhere in Langkawi ! Since it’s small island, even if you run slowly, it’ll take four hours to run around whole island. Of course from time to time you will see some attractive places halfway, but You’ll get satisfaction for sure.
IMAG0850 IMAG0853 IMAG0856 IMAG0877 IMAG0879 IMAG0794

Guest house

One day is not enough to Langkawi!  So I think now you’re making plan for Langkawi. then you may think that this island looks like resort , so hotels are expensive…. Not to worry. Actually, It’s so cheap! I paid $9 to stay. It’s as cheap as hotels in Thailand!
island time

island time・・・ it’s equipped with shower, free Wi-fi, air conditioner. Oh I forgot to say important thing that a lady in reception was so beautiful. 🙂  (My apologies ,no picture of her..) Shops and restaurant are within walking distance


Although I mentioned before in this article How to connect the Internet in KLIA, Malaysia., Langkawi is also a Wifi Heaven! Basically, when you go to the shop, you can meet wi-fi hands down. Even old shops have Wi-fi. Just ask password and use is.

for a finale

I strongly recommend you go to Langkawi!!! I’d love to go there again! Living cost is more expensive than the other place in Malaysia. But you’ll get more precious experiences than price!

Let’s get things that can’t be bought for money! 🙂 

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